Rain, Rain.

For the past couple of weeks, temperatures have been pushing well into the 90s. Air conditioning has been a precious commodity amongst those in my family who drive our beat up ’94 Nissan Quest (it’s our ‘convertible,’ if you catch my drift). All this time, the air has become heavier and heavier with the anticipation of a storm. At long last, it arrived. For hours, thunder and lightning gave way to sweet showers of rain.

In the fall, winter and sometimes spring, I find rain to be a depressant of sorts. At this point, however, there is little else that I could welcome more. The air has cooled, and a definite serenity envelopes the neighborhood as the sun rises. I notice now the whimsical touches that rain gives to the few parched flowers in our front yard. Droplets of water shimmer and catch my eye. 

Beauty abounds.




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