Native Foods

While in California, I stayed with my aunt. She had signed up for a cooking demo at Native Foods, a vegan restaurant, in Westwood. Having read about Native Foods from various vegan food bloggers (such as, I was beyond excited to be able to go. For the segment that I attended, Tanya Petrovna, the founder and owner of Native Foods veganized a Paula Deen show. Not only did we get samples of the food from the demo, we also received 3 glasses of their signature drinks! Okay. I’ll let the pictures talk now. 

Unpictured: Cup of House-blend Iced Soy Chai Tea 


Cashew Cheese+Cucumber+Water Cracker 


Lavender Lemonade 


Quinoa Pasta+Marinara+Ground Seitan 


Watermelon Agua Fresca 


Peach Cobbler 

Tanya Petrovna impersonating Paula Deen, y’all.

As you can imagine, the demo was a fun experience. We also received coupons(!) for a meal at Native Foods, so my aunt and I decided to stay for lunch. She got their tempeh burger with sweet potato fries, and  I went with the Ghandi Bowl which also features their housemade tempeh. Delicious. 


Chef Tanya’s Tempeh, blackened on a bed of jasmine and brown rice. Topped with organic greens, steamed veggies, wild curry sauce, cranberries and green onions. 

Everyone at Native is super friendly. Pictured below is their open kitchen plus super friendly chef. 

Their decor is also supremely adorable.




At the end of the demo, I met Tanya. She was also super friendly. 🙂 


If you are ever in the area, definitely make a trip to Native Foods. They have several locations, so check one out! 


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