Eats Shoots and Leaves

I haven’t done much this spring break. Sleep? Check. Eat? Check. Watch movies (every. single. night!)? Check. Do unspeakable amounts of catch-up bio homework? Check. It’s been a nice me-time kind of break. And when I’m around myself for extended periods of time, random happens. Behold the progression:
So maybe they have nothing in common. So maybe I have superglue.

I traced and trimmed a ukulele design onto the cardboard (it’s approximately 2″) and superglued the little strip onto the base.

Protractor used to create a hole which was then enlarged by the various paintbrushes.

Random acrylic paints that I found around the house! yay! The orange worked out nicely.

Random silver thread that I found in my sewing basket=another fortunate find!


Panda with ukulele, hello. Adventures await.

(On an semi-(not really)related note, this has kept me entertained for hours of spring break.)


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