Summer Photo Journal #1: New Orleans, LA

Preface: I went to New Orleans to visit the people that I’ll be going to Taiwan with later this summer. If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and GO. It is awesome. Go to Cafe du Monde for some beignets and cafe au lait, any one of the many seafood places, get some crawfish, and go to the French Quarter/Riverwalk for your fill of touristy fun.  So anyways, I got there on Friday but unfortunately didn’t happen to have my camera on me when we went for beignets and etouffee. Nothing particularly eventful happened on Monday, so no photos from then either. But there were Saturday and Sunday happenings!

Saturday: I visited the Riverwalk and French Quarter with some family friends.

BBQ Shrimp with a baguette for dipping in the butter that the shrimp was swimming (haha!) in. Did I mention butter? Yeah.

1/2 platter of fried seafood: catfish, oysters, softshell crab, hush puppies, steak cut fries (This was shared by 4, and we couldn't finish it. But then at the table next to us, each person ordered a platter apiece.)


The Fudgery: where you discover that making fudge is surprisingly entertaining.

Beignets! omg. EAT THEM. If you get them at Cafe du Monde, they'll come to you already powder sugared. But if you go to Morning Call, they'll serve 'em to ya plain so that you can either put on your own powdered sugar or dip them in something savory (such as crawfish etouffee, which is, by the way, amazing).

Lake Pontchartrain...

...would be even more gorgeous at sunset.

…and as for my lack of photos from the French Quarter, I will hereby justify myself by saying that we ended up driving through instead of walking due to the intense heat/humidity. (Next time!)

Sunday: Went to church with church buddies for Father’s Day/baking day in the afternoon.

making lunch for church peeps with Stefan, Bo, and Daisy!

Snowballs: ice, (probably) high fructose corn syrup, raspberry color/flavor. Yes. Yum.

Daisy+Me making ladyfingers (insert emo hair.)

ladyfinger batter, mascarpone creme, egg whites, sugar, etc.

Finished: Imprompt(iramis)u!

Unpictured in this post: family friends, gumbo, Taiwan team members- all of whom/which I hope to/will be revisit(ing) shortly!

Stay tuned for Summer Photo Journal #2: Ithaca, NY and other random spammings!


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