Foodie Birthday Party!

Birthdays, birthdays are so fun. Birthdays are for everyone! I know; my poetry and observation skills are just incredible. And I know everyone always says that each birthday was better than the last, but I really can’t lie; this birthday was by far the most fun (or delicious at the very least). It’s kind of a given when you get teenage girls (especially two foodie birthday pals!) together though, so ya know. It was destined to happen. Below, the feastings:


Rosemary Focaccia&Baguettes


Thai-Italian Rolls (!)

Strawberry Pie! This deserves it's own post. And I imagine it will get it someday.

Liz's (birthday bud!) awesome habanero cheesecake with chocolate crisps/candied cranberries/orchids (so fluffy!)

Featured Friends(top left, clockwise): the happy one, the capture-the-moment-one, the hiker one, the hippie one

Happy birthday to us! And p.s. happy birthday to this hsunamisweets blog! I posted my first post over here exactly one year ago yesterday. Whoop!


One response

  1. Hannah Combs

    I like absolutely everything about this post.
    I like absolutely everything about your blog.
    I like absolutely everything about you.

    June 30, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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