Hotelie Life

HEC 88

One of the great traditions of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration (story of how I got here soon to come) is our annual showcase weekend, Hotel Ezra Cornell. Undoubtedly one of the great things that sets us apart (and made us an official school), HEC allows us as students the opportunity to put everything that we’ve learned in application. This year, I worked back of house (BOH). In a nutshell: Crazy sleepless nights. Teamwork. CORNER!!! Achy feet. DRAAAAAAAAMA. Dirty dishees. Hypertension. Industry leaders. CORNER!!! Fun times. Dirty dishes. WHERE IS THE RASPBERRY POWDER. Hours of chopping chives. Head to tail pig tasting. Less sleep. Did you taste the…? Liquid nitrogen. CORNER!!! Dirty dishes. HOT HOT HOT COMING THROUGH. I need a tofu on the fly! black garlic mashed potatoes. Family meal. Foodie lovin. EGBOK. You just met who? Congratulations! Success? Success.


Appetizer plates! Poached gulf shrimp with halved caper berries, fresh ramps, chevre with a tarragon-beet reduction, beet leather with lemon zest, and a croissant curl with foie gras mousse, topped with truffle.


Poached lobster with curry and basil oil, (bisque served tableside)vegVeggie appetizer: watercress and beet puree, fire roasted corn, shaved candy stripe beets and micro greenssomtamGinger-caramel glazed short ribs with spicy papaya/mango/carrot salad and tomato caviar.


Back of the Back of House (counterclockwise from top right): SO MUCH LAUNDRY. too many dishes scrubbed.. MSLC is creepy after hours. medical infirmary Statler rollaway beds for tired me HEC volunteers.


As always, hotelies keep it classy with an after party spread of truffle infused greens, duck breast, smoked salmon, manchego, and raspberries.